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Dressage Rider, Mother & Footballer's Wife

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About Nicolle

Nicolle Begovic is a dedicated equestrian athlete with a resolute approach and commitment to the much loved sport of dressage.

A strong commitment and high expectations to the sport to which she has dedicated herself to full time Nicolle demands high expectations of herself and her approach to the discipline she loves with a passion.

Focused on driving her career to the highest level, Nicolle is aiming towards international championships and eventually Olympic level, and has already represented Great Britain at International level.

Nicolle is also a hands on mother of two and is married to international goalkeeper Asmir Begovic who currently plays for Premier League football team Bournemouth FC. With both experiencing full time careers they both enjoy spending quality family time with daughters Taylor and Blair.

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Nicolle Begovic with Foxy on location at Stables Combridge Farm,