Dressage Dreams and a Goalkeeper’s Regime - Part 11

Well, hasn’t it been a while?! Three weeks have passed since my last instalment and here we are at the beginning of February already. It is a great relief to have the last month behind us, that was blighted by Asmir’s injury, and see him back in goal against Chelsea. Asmir was very keen to keep his mind off his temporary sabbatical and filled his time with media work, for television and radio, which he has shown a great talent for. Asmir has always enjoyed the opportunity to discuss not only football, but any sport. Perhaps one day after he has retired his gloves, he will be donning the suit and analysing the games rather then playing in them on a Saturday. 

Although Asmir has filled his free time with other work, it certainly hasn’t prevented him from getting his daily fix of this years Celebrity Big Brother. This show is a guilty pleasure of ours. It makes for light and entertaining viewing at the end of a usually very long and demanding day for us both. It is has been said that this has been one of the most watched and controversial seasons yet filled with the customary ‘love triangle’, controversial career’s and often a few character surprises. The highlight of the show this season has to be the scene with Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones, in the bath, trying not to laugh, as Apprentice star Luisa Zissman requires her to in order complete a ‘secret task’. It was television gold and has been the most viewed video on YouTube in the shows history. 

Asmir though is not the only one keeping busy in the Begovic house. I have stepped up a gear in my training regime both in and out of the saddle. It is very exciting that the Dressage competition season is fast approaching and something I have been looking forward and working towards for a very long time. Daily training is now geared and tailored towards my first outing at the advanced level known as Prix St George. It is a bit like I am about to break into to the Premier League for my debut! 

Foxy and I were fortunate enough to have Stoke’s very own resident and very talented photographer, Phil Greig, join us during a training session at the yard last week. He took some of the most beautiful photographs and I can’t wait to share them all with you when my new website is up and running. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank him for his time and wonderful work. On the day we were also delighted to welcome Thomas Sorensen’s lovely wife Maria, who is at present completing a degree in photography. It seems that the artistic gene runs in the family with Thomas’s love of painting.

Out and About

It was the ‘Who’s Who’ of Premier League stars and famous faces from the celebrity world when Asmir and I attended the annual NBA game, hosted at the O2 in London, in January to see the Brooklyn Nets take on the Atlanta Hawks. It was great to see Asmir and fellow International teammate and friend Edin Dzeko together to support fellow Bosnian, Mirza Teletovic, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

And to round off the week, Asmir was the recipient of the Stoke City player of the year for 2013 award, kindly presented to him by Stoke legend Terry Conroy. The annual awards evening was hosted by 6 Towns Radio. Lovely to see Rory and Helen Delap who attended the event as well, where Rory was honoured for his services to Stoke City. Helen and I were privileged ourselves to have been asked to present a very special award for the local hero. The award went to a local charity called Frankie’s Fight that raises funds for a little girl, called Frankie Allen, who is suffering from childhood leukaemia. To this date, Port Vale supporters have raised over £20,000 towards her treatment. The night was made very special with the attendance of little Frankie herself who is such an inspiration. Thank you 6 Towns Radio for such a lovely evening. 

On the back of attending the awards evening, I was invited to get involved with some media work at the radio station. I joined 6 Towns Radio host, Terry Bossons, in the studio as a co-host on his show and it was great fun. I even had the rare opportunity to speak with Simon Greenall, the man behind the voice of the most famous meerkat in the world, none other than Aleksandr Orlov-Simples!!

Nicolle x